• High Holborn Road
    Codnor Gate Business Park
    Ripley, Derbyshire
    DE5 3NW

Customer Charter


  • Quality: We will never compromise on the quality of our products, your reputation as a clinician is our number one priority. All our work is checked for quality assurance prior to dispatch.
  • Communication: We will make our technicians available to speak to you
  • Keeping you informed: If for any reason we are unable to deliver within in our promised timescales we will contact you.
  • Competitively pricing: We will maintain a competitive pricing structure in order to ensure you receive the best value for money.
  • Getting it Right: When things don’t go to plan, we will listen and work with you to put it right. 100% satisfaction.

You Can Help Us by:

  • Providing us with clear, accurate and fully completed prescription forms.
  • Supplying accurate impressions.
  • Dispatching work to us within a timely manner so that we can meet your deadline.
  • Telling us when we get things wrong, but it’s also nice to hear when we’ve exceed your expectations and you have a delighted patient.

In the event of incomplete or inaccurate prescriptions and/or distorted or inaccurate impressions being received, our Quality Controller will place the job on hold and contact you as soon as possible, to request additional information or new impressions. This may affect the return date. Optimum Dental will not be held responsible in these circumstances.