Monthly Archives: September 2019

Summer News!

As the sun puts its hat on, the sadness that summer is nearly over is evident on everyone’s face.

Here at Optimum Dental we have chosen to reflect upon the great things that have happened throughout our lovely summer!

The kids break up!!!  Well we can’t call them kids, they’re actually grownups! Our technicians in training completed another year at De Montfort University. Emily has completed her second year, whilst Sarah completed her third year, meaning she finished her course. We are very proud of both of them, and we celebrated with a wonderful meal out that included the whole team.

A Picture of Emily.
A Picture of Sarah.

Anniversary!!!  In July our lovely qualified technician Rebecca celebrated her 5-year Anniversary working with the Optimum Team.  Rebecca is an excellent technician, specialising in CAD CAM, however she has recently moved into the porcelain department and is doing a fantastic job.

A Picture of Rebecca.

Registration!!! All of our wonderful technicians have completed their annual GDC Registration, meaning we are working with full compliance of the General Dental Council, and giving our customers satisfaction that their cases are being manufactured by registered professionals.

Another Optimum Baby!!! Our Lab Manager Hannah has announced that she and her husband are expecting another baby! Due Christmas 2019!

Back to School!!!  Liam, one of the business administrators, chose this summer to have a change of career and is embarking on the fantastic journey this September to become a Dental Technician. Liam will spend three years training at De Montfort University, as well as training under the exceptional technicians that we have here at Optimum Dental!

A Picture of Liam (and his two little sisters).

So as autumn is fast approaching and our lovely customers and technicians are well rested after the holidays, we are looking forward to maintaining the fantastic relationships that we have built, the new and exciting developments in technology, and to put smiles on a lot of patient’s faces!!

Tooth in the Sand! – Made by our Lab Manager, Hannah!