Monthly Archives: January 2019

Our brand new loyalty scheme!

Introducing Optipoints! – Our amazing new loyalty scheme you can really get your teeth into.

Happy New year to all of our dentists! Last year we were busy in the lab helping you create beautiful smiles. But we were also working on something really exciting, and we’re delighted to announce we can now reveal our big secret… a brand new loyalty scheme that saves you money!

Its simple, its free and its fun.

Optipoints is our way of thanking our clients for their loyal service, along with raising awareness of the fantastic range of products we offer. Split into three categories from cosmetic work, restorative and prosthetics to bleaching trays and gum shields. You are rewarded for every piece of work you send to us.

So, want to save money on your next lab bill? It’s as simple as sticking little stickers on a poster! When it’s full up, send it back to us and receive a credit on your next bill.

Available to all clinicians in a practice so why not take a board each and compete with your colleagues. Who will fill their teeth the quickest?… the race is on.

Get in touch to receive your free Optipoints board. No sign up is needed… we do that… all you have to do is send us lab work and we send you your stickers to start filling your teeth.

Happy sticking!


(T/C’s apply and are available on request)